Who Has An Opinion About The Generation Gap?


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Moo C. answered
Well to me the generation gap is starting to close due to unprotected sex so 17 year olds are having children. But it depends on how you choose to raise your child if you raise him under strict rules which don't make sense (even if it makes sense to you. You may have not explained properly)or then there are the kids who are allowed to abuse their freedoms and already know nothing bad will come of it
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mike carlsen answered
I think the biggest problem is parents and adults forget what it's like to be a kid. Although I have no kids of my own I have no problem relating to most kids I meet, like my nephews and their friends. Another problem, I think, is too many parents and adults think it's below them to cut loose and goof off like they were kids. I try to live the example my dad and gramps set for me, you can be responsible and still have fun and find time to act like a kid as often as possible. I think that's part of the reason gramps lived to be 101, staying young at heart ;)

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