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Joseph Ejercito Estrada was the 13th president of the Philippines and third president of the fifth republic. He served in office from 1998 to 2001. Here are a few details about Estrada and his contributions to the world and his country:
  • Estrade began as a film actor he appeared in over 100 films over 33 years.
  • This popularity enabled him to serve as mayor for San Juan for 17 years.
  • He also served as Senator for one term and Vice President before becoming president.
  • He declared war on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
  • He was impeached during a power grab.
  • He was then pardoned in 2007, from 2001 though to 2007 he lived in seclusion.
  • He contributed to helping the poor, and though he was thought to be corrupted, he assured the people he was not guilty of corruption, but of mistakes.
  • He has contributed with food, medicine, and clothing along with other relief goods.
  • He was also able to unify his party in the past and present.
  • He has also contributed to real estate with two high rise condo buildings and a third on the way.

Estrada faced a lot of opposition but contributed quite a lot as an actor and in his presidency. Despite the problems he has faced, many still believe in him as he continues to try to regain his presidency. While not every aspect of his term in office was successful, many still consider him a worthy opponent in presidential races and he may find a place in politics again.

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