Do You Think Christopher Columbus Is A Hero?


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I think Christopher Columbus is a hero to some people and a villain to other people. It matters on what you believe not what other people believe.
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What did he do to be considered a hero? Maybe to Spain, as he claimed his discovery for that countries Queen, but remember that he was paid for this discovery, by Queen Isabella, even though he had not completed his original quest which was to find a shorter trade  passage from Spain to India. No, he can not be considered a "Hero".
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I think that he did a great deal of good for the world, in discovering, and finding new foods and taking them back to his homeland. He is in a sense a hero.
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Are you kidding? HE IS HORRiBLE! He killed people! He didn't even discover America, the Chinese and the Native Americans found it first, he just got the credit. He didn't even believe he found a new world, he convinced himself that he found the indies! He's a terrible person that doesn't deserve to have a holiday.
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First off, Christopher Columbus was undoubtedly a great navigator and explorer. However, he is also a manipulative person who advocated genocide, no mercy, and was consumed with greed in the form of merciless domination and forced colonization. Take this QUOTE, for instance, "[The Native Americans] are a well-built people of handsome structure and show as much love as if they were giving their hearts. With fifty men, we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want." -Christopher Columbus

"The Canary Effect" is an excellent documentary adding on to this.
Here's a very brief clip from the documentary that delves into what I just aforementioned:
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Yes he is a hero and a villain he was the first one to bring it to people and he wasnt trying to find the New world he was trying to find a faster way to get Asia.He's a villain because he killed all of those people and the native Americas they did not anything so that why he both a hero and a villain.
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There's more evidence all the time that what we've been taught in school about Columbus is mostly wrong. Because of that, its hard to give a definite answer to the question. History is written by the people in power and they often distort it to make themselves look good and whoever wronged them look bad.
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I'm not in love with him and no he is not a hero,how do you take credit for finding something that has already been found and has people residing there,but how do you hate him you don't know him as I don't know him, just things that have been told to us...peace and luck to you   

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