What Makes A Good Political Leader?


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Don't vote for Clinton - that is all I can say to you. Huckabee seems the answer - actually anyone beside Hillary is better.

You voting and encouraging others to do so, raising your children to vote and educating yourself on this subject says a lot.

Look at the Resumes that these People are providing and make your decision that way. How many promises have they made? How many have the kept. What are they voting against or for that you may or may not believe in.

There is your answer
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When Hillary Clinton is president, America will once again pay off the huge republican national debt that bill Clinton had paid off during his 8 years; children of America will have health care that they urgently need and that their working families cannot afford; the economy will bounce upward and Americans can own homes and find jobs; the super wealthy like mitt Romney will have to pay their share of taxes and other wealthy will have to pay off all that they owe instead of just 15cents on the dollar; if taxes are raised for urgent needs in America, they will be fairly applied across the board; the number of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan will be significantly reduced and Iraq will have to take care of its own people; osama Ben laden will be captured or killed; the bush war that will be killing more Americans because once again he causes war, will be addressed to bring American soldiers home...just yesterday Jan. 8th bush almost declared war there...; and yes, America will belong to its citizens again...and the radical right religions will not be able to turn our wonderful, beloved democracy into a theocracy. God bless America by bringing Hillary Clinton to the white house for 8 years and then putting barack obama in the white house for the following 8 years.
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Lotsa experiences here... Having non-personal agenda's and living FOR the best of the people

I rarely see it.

If I was president you wouldn't see my face for 2-3 years; not until the budget was balanced (and the folks likely wouldn't like my answers).

A statesman.. Almost non existent at every level (I have seen a couple).

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