What Type Of Actions Did Gandhi Want His Followers To Take In Order To Get Independence?


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1)Gandhi carried out 'swadeshi' movements. 'Swadeshi' means people would use home made things due to which the British companies would collapse.
2)Gandhi carried out boycott of British goods. He wanted people to ignore British posts for officers.
3)He wanted people to disagree with the British but not to be violent.
4)Gandhi wanted his followers to win the hearts of the British people.
5)He wanted to make social reforms through constitutional means and constitutional reforms through political means.
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Gandhi wanted his people to be non-violent and passively
resistant to the British rule. Though, the ideology of s.c.bose was better
Gandhi asked his followers to maintain non- violence and to tolerate all those harsh treatment given by British just for the sake of Independence.
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He want to make india free

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