Can You Give Me Examples Of Speech About Youth?


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You could talk about the future of your country and how youths are leading that future.

  • Youth of tomorrow's future
This is one of the most popular youth speeches in the USA, and in certain other parts of the world. It never seems to be an outdated speech because it will always be the truth. The youth of today are the future of any country and even the world. They are the driving force behind new technology, the new future, and even government. Those who are learning today are supposed to be learning from the mistakes and rectifying them for a better future.

  • Drinking and driving
Drinking and driving speeches made by youths or adults about youths is another popular topic. This speech is always relevant as it never seems to end that a teenage driver drinks and is killed or ends up killing those riding with them. Drinking and driving is always that "it cannot happen to me" concept, yet there is plenty of evidence that it can happen to just about anybody who gets behind the wheel after drinking.

  • Youth and Pregnancy
The pregnancy speech is yet another popular one. Many talk about how they did not think it could happen to them because they were taking all the precautions, but then it did. Suddenly, they were an instant family or at least a mother and child family. This speech is designed to get teenagers to consider abstinence rather than using protection against pregnancy.

These are just some of the speeches that are about youths and designed for youths to hear. There are certainly more topics than just this, but it would depend on the actual subject one needs to discuss in the speech. For example, a speech could be about youth and jobs.

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