Can you give me a piece for speech choir about " environment" ?.


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  • Where to find speech choir pieces

This website seems to be brilliant for what it is you are looking for: . Not only does it provide many speech choir pieces that you and your choir can practice with, but it also provides comment boards where similar minded people can talk about a particular piece, or ask questions to others about the hobby and their experiences.

  • What speech choirs are

Many people throughout the world have some form of knowledge about a traditional choir, through either their participation or having heard one in action.

It is because of this, that you would expect a speech choir to carry the same level of popularity, but unfortunately this is not the case; numerous people have yet to hear a speech choir performing, with even more being totally unaware of their existence.

A speech choir is a choir that, rather than singing, uses the different abilities and different ranges of the human voice to convey its message, whatever that may be.

Although this may seem like less of a talent than that needed for taking part in a conventional choir, this is not the case. The art of speech choir requires its members to be able to use their voice in a way that captivates the audience's attention, showing them raw emotion by bringing their talents together into one.

  • Joining a speech choir

Should you wish to become a member of a speech choir, then the best way to do so would be by looking either at your community's notice board or in your local newspaper, both of which should tell you where the most local gathering is, should there be one in your area, and details of when they get together to practice.

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