What are the speech choir sample piece about the environment?


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If you have a look at this site you will probably be able to find what you are looking for: http://www.catholicblogs.com/search/sample_piece.

• What is speech choir?
Speech choir is considered to be a powerful art that is currently undergoing a revival. The words are not sung but articulated really well so that tone and  cadence can be enjoyed and appreciated just as much as the actual words are.
Speech choirs are not a recent form of entertainment; they have been around since Ancient Greek times.

• Are there different types of speech choirs?
There are two different types of speech choir: A traditional, or conventional one; and a dynamic or theatrical one.

A theatrical speech choir uses props, costumes, and can also be choreographed to increase the impact of the piece upon the audience.

The traditional speech choir, simply uses none of these props and just speaks, and in some instances, reads a literary piece. The impact of this is solely given by the voices of the choir members.

Speech choirs have been described as groups that provide an oral interpretation of a variety of pieces that lend themselves to being spoken aloud by groups of people in an elegant and eloquent manner.

• Benefits of being a speech choir member
Learning how to enunciate properly gives people a confidence that they can carry with them into their working and personal lives. Taking part is also a way of becoming involved in a group activity, and so is a great way of having a social life.

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