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A speech choir is a lot like a choir of singers who get together to perform a song for an audience; the big difference is that a speech choir all perform a special speech instead of singing, and that they chant every part of the speech in perfect unison. To create a "peace, not war" speech for a speech choir performance, why not use the hallowed words of a renowned peace leader, such as the Dalai Lama, or the late Martin Luther King Jr.? By saying beautiful words of peace in perfect harmony, a speech choir can literally move an audience to tears. There are plenty of famous speeches from these people on YouTube, Facebook fan pages, and websites devoted to these famous leaders.

  • Other ideas

Another idea is to use song lyrics from a famous anti-war/pro-peace song, but to use them as a spoken word speech. One example of a famous song that espouses the concept of peace is John Lennon's memorable tune, Imagine. In the song, he sings, "imagine all the people living life in peace"; in fact, all the lyrics from this song fit in beautifully with this sort of speech and an anti-war mind set.

  • Use costumes to add drama

To make your speech choir piece more powerful, ask everyone to bring a simple white t-shirt from home to a rehearsal, so the shirts can be decorated with big peace symbols. Buy a bucket of fabric markers, and have everyone decorate their t-shirts in peace signs of different colors. If people want to, they can add other symbols of peace, such as dove motifs or olive branches.

A speech choir will get lots of positive attention if they perfectly execute a speech about the beauty of peace and the ugliness and futility of war. However, you should bear in mind that many people in the audience may be from military families, and they may offend easily regarding anti-war sentiments.

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