What Did The Caddo Tribe Wear?


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Caddo Indians were well-known for their clothing. The tribe were skilled at using various materials, and often used leather and cotton to make garments and shoes.

Caddo Indian clothing
Men and women of the Caddo tribe wore different clothing.

The men often wore breech cloths, and leather leggings would also be worn as protection when riding on horseback.

Because Caddo tribes lived in relatively warm climates (modern day Texas and Louisiana), the men would often walk around topless.

In the winter, both genders used buffalo-pelt robes to stay warm.

The Caddo women wore wrap-around skirts and ponchos. Deerskin and woven-fibers were the most common materials used for these items of clothing.

Caddo Indians were well-known for their jewelry, with earrings and necklaces being worn by both sexes. Colorful moccasin-type shoes were typical of the Caddo tribe, too.

With the arrival of colonial Europeans to America, Caddo clothing changed to include shirts and trousers which are a lot more similar to what we wear today.

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