What Did The Tequesta Tribe's Homes Look Like?


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Not much is known about the homes of the Tequesta tribe, although a slave named Briton Hammond has been recorded as describing their homes as 'wooden huts'.

The homes of the Tequesta tribe
The Tequesta tribe of Biscayne Bay (modern-day Florida) are relatively mysterious.

When European colonists first arrived in the area, the Tequesta tribe resisted their arrival, and had little to do with them.

By the 18th century, however, most of the Tequesta tribe had disappeared - due to disease, war, and slavery.

However, a slave named Briton Hammond managed to write down some of his experiences with the Tequesta tribe. His writings are some of the only evidence we have of the tribe, and of the way they lived.

Hammond was working on a colonial ship when he was captured by the Tequesta tribe. He lived with them for several years (as a prisoner), and documented their way of life.

When he was eventually released, he managed to share his information with the world.

However, Hammond didn't go into very much detail about the houses that the Tequesta lived in, and in fact he just referred to them as wooden huts.

So I'm afraid we'll just have to assume that the tribe's homes resembled the thatched-roof huts of other local tribes like the Seminoles.

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