Why Do Some People Hate Otaku?


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Cause they're different, they're seen as weird freaks to "normal" people, I'm an otaku myself and I can tell you one thing it's all about stereotyping, people by nature belittle and insult anyone who is socially different then they are. We're seen as anti-social when in reality we just don't want to talk to them as we know they wont have any interest in what we have to say. In other words people fear what they don't understand and tend to shun it.
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You make yourself sound too cool. Otaku are not 'different' and neither do people fear you. They just feel you're boring because you have nothing to talk about beside your fairly limitied interests. You probably find people who can only talk about football quite boring too, right?

You say you don't talk to people because they don't care about videogames / manga / anime but isn't there anything else to talk about? You are being as narrow-minded as 'they' are, dude! Whoever they may refer to.
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So like Ppl who love Kpop shouldn't be friends with otaku ?!!?
Ppl R the same n0 matter what R they interest!
YOU! Should respect about People's interest BTW~~
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Its because they think they R childish, or some of their friend's R tooooooo much >> in Otaku~~or...because the just think what they like is the best, and hate childish stuffs~~

well~~I am an Otaku, my friends + sis  = R alsomy cousins love Kpop, and I don't say stuffs like, yucks Kpop aren't nice, I prefer cute things like anime or Jpop than Kpop, thats because  I respect them~~ ^you^and BTW~~People!
You should know that in this live, no one can survive by themselves, so you should try to respect others more..~
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People tend to hate otakus because they are blinded by reality
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I don't know but it's pretty much just someone who's obsessed with something but people tend to get the wrong idea about what the definition of an otaku is

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Because they tend to be anti-social, overly obsessed with one interest and as such do not have much to offer to other people in terms of mutual interest or possible conversation topics.
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me + my friends + my sis R otaku, But the school + class still know us!
So you can't just judge Ppl like this....~

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