Why do people hate the Confederate flag?


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The debate centers around whether the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern heritage or a symbol of rasicm. With all the cries of racism (legitimate or not) people are looking at the flag as racist and that it should be removed. Even though I'm a yankee, I am fascinated with history. Like it or not, the Confederate flag is a part of American history. 

My personal take on this issue is that the flag is a symbol of history. Well, that's my two cents. Best of luck to you!

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I agree its history. I have a flag from a u boat with the swastika' a war buff not a nazi...but my point is that flag is accepted. As history
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When I was a kid, ages ago, the Confederate flag was not widely seen. That particular flag is actually a battle flag and it was flown by an army seeking to break off from the United States.  It really became popular with the rise of the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. And became a symbol of opposition to integration and civil rights for African-Americans.  

Flying the Confederate Flag is NOT a tradition!  It is a political statement.

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