Is the confederate flag bad?


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All Confederate flags, including the Confederate battle flag which is the topic of heated debates at this time, are symbols of the government of the Confederate States of America.  When you look at that flag you must remember why it exists.  Here are the words of the CSA vice president, Alexander Stephens, on the occasion of the ratification of the CSA constitution in 1861...


"[The Confederacy’s] foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition..."


Many of the Southern state's Articles of Secession mention that their reason for seceding is that their right to enslave and subjugate the black race has been infringed upon.  So when people say that a confederate flag is about states' rights, you will know to what right they are referring.

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The flag itself is just fabric and paint. Its the emotions and memories that the flag brings with it that are bad. I get that a lot of people that wave the flag aren't racist but that's not the point. The point is that many people are offended by the flag. If people want to show pride of the South then they can just wave their state flag or something similar. Either that or we need to separate the flag from racism somehow but that's not likely to happen.

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
You're right. Not likely to happen. There are two symbols used almost exclusively by white supremacists and segregationists in this country: the swastika and the Southern Cross. Both must be relinquished as an object of reverence.

And those people waving those Confederate battle flags will tell you that they are not symbols of racism, but of Southern pride and states rights. What pride is to be taken from a conquered regime built up the institution of slavery? As a Texan who was a young man in the Jim Crow years, I too waved that flag with pride. But I have since been made aware of the ugly truth embedded in that flag. And states' rights? The right those seceding states wanted was the right to enslave and subjugate the black race -- and in so many words from their Articles of Secession.
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Yes the flag is too controversial to wave. I can see some of the flags being put into museums but other than that they shouldn't be flaunted so willy-nilly.
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It's "bad" only to the extent the USA flag is "bad".

Many more terrible things are being done under the USA flag, than slavery.  How many people have been killed, maimed, and oppressed under the name of "Manifest Destiny"?

I understand.  The CSA no longer exists.  There is no discomfort blaming it for past wrongs and removing its symbols.

But the CSA can't carry the complete blame for the current state of bigotry.  The USA has had 150 years to rectify that situation.  And is still actively engaged in oppression, both at home and abroad.

So when the CSA flag is no longer around - who will we blame, to avoid recognizing our own responsibilities?

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
The CSA will always be around to blame. The evidence of their inhumanity will be found in museums. There is no acceptable reason to find it anywhere else.

As for comparing the U.S. to the Confederacy, yes, both did, and are doing, horrible things. The difference is that the U.S. has also done wonderful humanitarian things. That cannot be said of the Confederacy. I challenge anyone to list one positive result of the secession of the southern states.
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No.  The flag is just a nice rectangle full of colors.  IT is an inanimate object, so I don't think it can be deemed "bad."  But the people who believe in what it stands for are immoral in that they believe that blacks, some of the nicest people I've ever known, are inferior to whites.  They aren't.  Sometimes those who believe in what the Confederate Flag stands for make very bad choices, but most of them don't kill people or anything.  Most aren't public about it.  So most people who follow the flag are not bad people per se, they just have an opinion that is not loving.  You can interpret that how you want.

Nobody's perfect; everybody sins- these people may just sin differently than you, and that doesn't make them any worse or better than you are.  

It would be nice to get the use of the CSA flag to be limited to history classes, but that's not because it is bad; that's just because it reminds us of an opinion that is bad.

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On the News, I've listened to both sides of the controversy. However I do think the flag's place is in a museum not on state grounds. I understand the representation and memorial of those that gave their lives for the Confederacy, but it was an unjust cause. Those brave people can and should be remembered in another fashion with a better symbol then the flag that those wish to represent the enslavement of others.

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
I agree. Both sides have soldiers who displayed courage and valour under fire. That bravery should be celebrated and remembered. But the Southern Cross is just too divisive to be used for that celebration and remembrance.

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