What are the 2 states that still fly the Confederate flag?


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Not sure what states, but I'll never give mine up. It's as important to America as the stars n stripes.

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
But you are right. All Confederate flags must be preserved -- in museums where we can remember the past and see how far we have come. Unfortunately, it appears we have not come as far as we would like to think we have.
Sheldon  Cooper
Sheldon Cooper commented
No need for the history lesson,
I'm aware of what it stands for and the history behind it .
I wasn't around during those times when separation of races was the normal.
I don't embrace that form of dinosaur thinking .
However, the 4th of July
I always fly both . And for me
It's to remember what side won, and why we won , if anything, people shouldn't hate that flag , remember
Why that flag is not flying
Solo at the White House today!
CalTex - Doug Morgan
Well then, don't forget to also fly the Nazi flag so we can remember what side won and why.
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That would be Mississippi and Georgia. Mississippi is the only state which currently has the Southern Cross battle flag emblem
embedded in its flag without modifications, and gives homage to the first
official flag of the Confederate States of America (known as the Stars and
Bars) by having one of the bars blue rather than red.  Georgia's
flag IS the Stars and Bars flag with the only modification being the addition
of the state coat of arms within the ring of stars.
The state flags of Alabama, Arkansas and Florida all incorporate
unmistakable elements of the Southern Cross.

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I think the only state that flies the actual flag, by law, is South Carolina. Others incorperate it into the state flag as CalTex mentioned.

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