Is the confederate flag racist?


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In light of the murder of 9 church members in South Carolina, perhaps you can focus on the real problem which isn't a flag, and address the present crisis in mental health treatment and identification of potential problems. Evidently the therapist treating the alleged perpetrator, and several friends and relatives, knew he had extremist views, yet he was not on a watch list. This is not going to make a liberal happy, because they have to consider mental illness (and our not treating it nationally) as a reason to remove some of our civil rights to own and carry a firearm. 

I think you would find that outlawing the confederate flag, or limiting firearms as any of the last few attempts would have done, would not have stopped this kid from shooting church members. But a good guy with a gun, in the church, could have stopped him as he was reloading. And if we had some effective mental health laws in place, it might have been harder for him to get a gun in the first place.

The problem is not a flag. It's that we are not spending much on taking care of the mentally challenged, not identifying them, and not assisting appropriately with housing or care.

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CalTex is one of my favorite sparring partners. We are often on opposite sides but never enemies. I support his views and the articulate way he elucidates them. Occasionally we are in agreement at the start, sometimes we arrive at consensus, but its always with respect. Its fun that way!
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The challenge with askaholics is the questions and the site design is up to the task when the questions get better. It isnt a s well known.
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Not by itself. The Confederate flag is representative of a time and place when blacks were slaves to white masters, and the ghastly civil war those masters instigated to preserve that status quo. It was also the banner waved for decades by the KKK in their heyday. There is no place in modern society for such symbols of old prejudices.

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