Why do people hate/dislike Hillary Clinton?


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One word.....BENGHAZI.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Ask the dead Ambassadors family what they think about forgetting her.
Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
Rooster, I apologize for my insensitivity. I was not thinking of the families, I was joking. Thank you reminding me.
Rooster Cogburn
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It's OK Jan. Just not a lot of people realize what happened there that could have been avoided. No problemo ! :)
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She consistently gets caught lying. When they show her footage of her saying something she denies saying, she still denies it. She wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the butt.

Also if she didn't have the backbone to kick her lying, cheating husband to the curb, (remeber it was a multiude of affairs) how is she going to have the backbone to run a major world power.

Also lets talk about all the scandals this woman has been attached with. There is Benghazi, White Water, and her unsecured emails that she has not turned over. She after the first scandal, you would think that she would do everything in her power to avoid another one, but no. She just keeps on trying to cheat the system. That is not someone I want as my president.

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She can't be trusted or maybe she's better at lying than people think. In any case, I can't really trust what I hear from the media about her. Even if it's about the Clinton Mafia thing.

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I kind of like Gypsy's answer about the bad vibe.

There may be a number of reasons for disliking or distrusting the lady but she has one attribute that may be stronger than all those: She isn't Donald Trump.

Incidentally, I found a comment about Trump by former world chess champ, Gary Kasparov -- a man who actively campaigned against Putin. He said, "Donald Trump is a cotton candy candidate. At first sweet, but no nutritional value and makes you sick at the end!"

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