Who is more dangerous, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?


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Jaimie JT answered

I don't really know much about Hillary Clinton....and I'm not American... But I'm  afraid of Donald trump cos his skin looks like it glows in the dark and his hair is creepy ... He's as scary as a squirrel... SQUIRRELS !

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Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
Exactly JT
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
@ Jan yep ! @ John ... I'm so breaking up with you now cos SCARY SQUIRREL :p I thought we had a good scientifical relationship going cos we're both scientists.... Then SQUIRRELS :p
John McCann
John McCann commented
@Jaimie JT

I would be heart broken over our breakup but I am laughing too hard!! :D
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Megan goodgirl answered

well I don't like either so I would say both of them.

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Jann Nikka answered

Trump😝. Wild. 😨. Insane. Hate filled Speeches 😲with Lies.

Hillary will just text us📱📲 crazy 😊. 

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