Why do you think most people aren't even considering the third-party option instead of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?


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I don't blame them for not considering it; we have 170 years of a President from either the Democratic or Republican party. People have a reason to think one of them will win, and they want to have a hand in deciding which one. I wish it were a different way, but it takes more than just a handful of people to make a difference. It would require an overhaul of about 170 years of precedent.

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Dear Mr. GenX,

My own main concern with a 3rd-party option is that they might siphon off votes and end up handing the election to a candidate who otherwise would not have won.

I just saw Hillary has an unfavorable rating of 56%, the Donald 57%.

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I did locate for you a discussion of the Libertarians as a possible third party this year: 


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Truly, this election cycle is devoid of even a discernable lesser evil. I think the enormous public unfavorability that Virginia mentioned has more people considering third party alternatives than we might realize. Problem is, these same folks probably also understand how extremely unlikely it would be to actually get such a dark horse candidate elected, and in the end, their vote might just be cast in vain, and worse, wind up benefitting the less deserving candidate (whichever you think that is). 

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I like what George Carlin has to say on the matter of voting. I don't think my country is any different.


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Zack -  Mr. GenXer
Thanks for the link Pepper.
Pepper pot
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You're welcome, he certainly spoke a lot of sense on most topics.
Didge Doo
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Appreciated the link. I thought it was fairly typical that his opponent in one debate resorted to the "Is this Karl Marx?" line to try to discredit him.

But not everybody will watch the video so i took the liberty of copying a poster from it. It's very apt -- particularly during this upcoming election.
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Our third party is a looney too. He believes in extensively cutting education. But I mean... The more we have in a debate the better!

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