Social Change And Modernization. What Are The Key Features Of Social Change?


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Social change is not one or any amount of prescribed things. It can mean anything from changing fashions to changing attitudes - none of which happen immediately.
In the 1960s a shortening of hemlines and hairdo's as well as people taking a more liberal attitude defined social change.
The best way to define it is, social change is a change in the behavior of people or attitudes to other people.
Styles and other more physically seen remnants of change are perhaps not as deeply ingrained as attitudes and opinions and general consensus among general populations.
Education has changed a lot of social practises. For example upon the taking place of common education among people slavery began to dwindle. It did not happen overnight but people were educated to believe that everyone was equal and hence the idea of owning someone for labour just slowly dwindled out. It still does exist in small areas of Africa we can concede but it is a tiny proportion of how it was 150 years ago.
Another huge social change seen has been in democracy. People mobilised their opinions and decided to use their voice to move away from a governing of right of birth or by the military. This movement took place as democracies founding fathers came together and understood there was a better alternative and logically discussed it and then followed it.
People realised the idea was good and were educated to consider it for themselves - hence the rise of democracy and the biggest social change in the history of man.
It is hard to specify what social change exactly is as it is an array of things and cannot be completely nailed to one thing.
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Social change refers to a change in the nature, in social institutions, social behaviors or social relations in a society. It is simply an event that affects the people in a society. Following are its features:
- Social change requires convergence of social forces which help in making a new order appealing and necessary.
- Social change results in a change in attitudes and behaviors
- It results in a change in the whole system of the society
- The new system of social change doesn't necessarily have to be better than the old.

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