How Did The Crusades And The Great Schism Change The Balance Of Powere In Medieval Europe?


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During this time much of Europe was under the power and influence of the Pope. The crusades were quite the disaster for the authority of the pope and the people who went on them. Many of these crusades ended in defeat causing these nations to have less regard for the power of the Pope. This decreased the power of the palpacy of Rome and influenced each nation to think and act for themselves. The Great Schism was an event when two cardinals claimed both to be popes blessed and divinely appointed by God; Each pope claimed himself as the head of the church. Only one problem, there could only be one head of the church. Each pope excommunicated each other...which is that religion carries the weight of each other going to a literal hell. People, once again saw the break down of church power through the palpacy. Hope this helps you.
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