Why Did People Settle In The Middle Colonies?


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People who traveled from Europe to America during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries did so for two main reasons:

  • Better prospects
  • To avoid social and religious persecution
This was especially the case for people who opted to settle in the Middle Colonies.

This is because this specific area was considered more diverse and tolerant than either the Northern or Southern colonies.

What attracted settlers to the Middle Colonies?

The population of the Middle Colonies was probably more mixed than any other part of the colonies, which made immigration to the area more appealing to a number of people.

Consider the following as proof of the mixed heritage of the Middle Colonies:

  • The middle colonies were first inhabited by the Dutch, and later taken over by the British.
  • The majority of eventual settlers to the Middle Colonies came predominantly from Germany (they were mistakenly called the 'Pennsylvania Dutch' because Deutsche means 'German' in German).
  • Scots and Irishmen also came to the area during the late 18th century.
Because of the mixture of different inhabitants, this area was known for being more open and tolerant of people from other countries and religions.

Why did people go to the Middle Colonies?

Unlike the Middle Colonies, the Northern Colonies were far more religiously closed-minded, and less tolerant of outsiders.

The Southern Colonies were also very different from the Middle Colonies. The booming tobacco crop, rice, and indigo dye industries meant that there was a lot of money to be made there.

This led to a more cut-throat environment, and the wide use of slavery - something that several of the Middle Colonies were against.
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I have studied and I learned that people in the Middle Colonies, mostly Quakers ate corn, wheat, and they traded their food to other people to have a verity of food. They made corn cakes and mush. They also made bread out of the wheat.

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They had religious freedom and jobs and good soil and mild winters

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They had come because of religon, and had job opportunities, like farming.

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