What Problems Did Christopher Columbus Face?


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Christopher Columbus faced many challenges on his voyages. His ships frequently ran out of food and water in the middle of journeys, and disease was also a major problem that explorers had to contend with at that time.

The challenges that Christopher Columbus faced
If you try and imagine living on a boat with 40 other men for weeks on end, you can begin to see what kind of problems Columbus would have faced.

Mutiny was a big problem that was faced by many explorers of his time. Often, when tempers were running high and morale low, the crew of a ship would revolt and take over the ship.

According to a diary entry that historians have discovered, Columbus's discovery of the Americas was nearly jeopardized by a mutiny, just days before the ship came across land.

Problems that Christopher Columbus had to contend with
Another issue that Columbus had to overcome was financial. Expeditions were expensive, and they required funding from Europe's richest people.

When Columbus set sail in 1492, it was only made possible because he'd been lobbying the Spanish monarchy for funding for over two years.
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The most important problem that Christopher Columbus fought against was money.

Christopher didn’t have enough money provided to help him to help him survive the long journeys. He went to Portugal to get support.

Luckily, he got support from Ferdinand and Isabella, the King and Queen of Spain. With the money, he was able to survive the long journey by having food, water, ships etc...

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