What Countries Still Have A Queen Or King As Their Ruler?


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Many countries in the world have moved away from the traditional monarchy; however there are still some countries that do have a king or queen as head of state. Below is a list of many of these countries (although I can't guarantee I've got them all).

H.M Queen Elizabeth II - United Kingdom

H.M King Harald V - Norway

H.M Queen Margrethe II - Denmark

H.M King Juan Carlos I - Spain

H.M King Carl XVI Gustof - Sweden

H.M Queen Beatrix - Netherlands

H.M King Albert - Belgium

H.S.H Prince Albert II - Monaco

H.R.H Grand Duke Henri - Luxembourg

H.M King Addullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud - Saudi Arabi

H.M  King Abdullah II - Jordan

H.M King Hamad bin I Sa Al-Khalifa - Bahrain

H.H Shieck Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani - Qatar

H.M Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said - Oman

H.H Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sulton Al Nahayon - United Arab Emirates (UAE)

H.H Sheikh Humaid bin Rastid Al Nuaim - (UAE)

H.H Sheikh Humaid bin Mohammad Al Sharqi - (UAE)

H.H. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi - (UAE)

H.H Sheikh Sabah IV Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah - Kuwait

H.M King Mswati III - Switzerland

H.M King Bhamibol Adulyadej - Thailand

H.M King Jigme Singye Wangchuk - Bhutan

H.M Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Muizzaddin - Brunei

H.I.M Emporer Akihito - Japan

H.M Norodam Sihamoni - Cambodia

H.M King Mohammed VI - Morocco

OK, so I've had a good go but I still think there are some that I can't find. As far as I am aware there are 44 countries in the world still ruled by kings and queens; 16 of these however, are part of the Commonwealth and so have Queen Elizabeth II as their head of State. Hope this helps!
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Britain still has a queen, but she doesn't have a lot of authority.

Cambodia has a king, but he's only a figure head.

Thailand still has a king and he has lots of power.
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There are currently 44 countries that still have either absolute or constitutional monarchies, counting all 16 countries that are still under the British crown. 
The only absolute monarchies left are Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, and the Vatican (?--Don't know if I would consider the Pope to be a king, though).
You can find them here.
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England, Jordon, and lots  of other places that I can't remember. Sorry I could only name too!
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If you start in the north you have Norway Denmark Holland Belgium England Spain then in the middle east you have the sheiks as head of state they have the same power as kings and queens so you could set them at the same level.
Hope to be of help with this answer.
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England,jordan,iraq a little bit and other different countries I think Thier are a lot more but I didn't learn them all I'm only in 6th grade

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