Can Human Beings Avoid War?


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Well, yes if, at all humans use their higher reasoning function, they can avoid war. However, being realistic it does not seem possible. Humans are normally aggressive about their resources or the resources that they want to own. Which is the basic reason for wars. This feelings deprives them of their higher reasoning ability and they get proned to war.
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I agree, I'd liek to think that humans can avoid war, but let's face it, for all our "civilized" and "humane" ways we can't avoid simple things like war.  The main thing that bothers me about war, however is that it not only effects the armies and such going in it really hurts the families and the children (of the soldiers that die in the war but mostly those cities where the war is fought).  It seems we spend more resources going to war and staying in war than we do building and helping people. 

We have places in our own country that could desperately use those war funds to rebuild or just get back to a state of of semi normalcy (New Orleans where ppl still have homes covered in water or worse mold and mildew...)

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