What Axis Controlled Country Was Separated From Germany By The North Sea?


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Norway was the only Axis-controlled country separated from Germany by the North Sea.

Finland fought against the Soviet Union when the USSR attempted to invade the country. Finish troops fought alongside German troops to expel the Russian forces from Finland - however Finland was never controlled by an Axis country. In fact, after the Finnish armed forces defeated the USSR, Finland turned on Germany in what is known as the Lapland war at the end of 1944. This was to prevent Axis forces using valuable resources and raw materials from northern Finland.


Norway on the other hand was completely occupied by the Nazi German army (wehrmacht) from 1940 to 1945. German forces controlled every part of the country and a puppet government was established in Oslo. The Norwegian King and government lived in exile in London until the end of the war.

As a token of appreciation for Britain's help to Norway during the Second World War, the country sends a huge Christmas Tree to Trafalgar square every year as a present! This custom has taken place every year since 1947.

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Finland fought with Germany against the Soviet Union but did not sign the Tripartite Pact and was not technically part of the Axis alliance, but is still thought of as one of the Axis countries by a lot of people.

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I'm pretty sure its either great britain or Norway

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