Why Was Louis XlV Called The 'Sun King'?


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There are two theories as to why Louis XlV was called the Sun King. The first is that during his reign from 1643-1715 he believed that everyhing revolved around him, in the same way as planets revolve around the sun!
The other theory is that when he built the new Palace at Versailles all the roads were arranged so that they were in a pattern reminiscent of the sun's rays.
Certainly both theories hold a little sway and the reaility is that his nickname is probably a combination of the two.
He was an ego-centric and dominant leader, insisting that he required no advice or guidance from advisors and that his word was law because as he saw it 'I am the state'.
Whilst he enjoyed the longest reign in European history during that period, he was far from a popular leader and was despised by most of his subjects.
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I think that he was called the sun king because he was the king making him think that everything must look up to him.
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He loved plays and loved to act, and he was the lead role I believe, in the play called The Sun King. He might not have been the lead role, but he was in it.

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