What Were The Major Interests And Contributions Of King Louis XIV?


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King Louis had a purely aesthetic taste. His tastes were refined and his contributions to the cultural heritage of France were immeasurable. He was a connoisseur of art and specifically encouraged writers, whom he accurately envisaged to be some of the greatest names in the history of French literature, including the likes of Moliere and Racine.

Another field of interest for King Louis was the field of architecture. The Palace of Versailles was built during his great reign and till this date, is one of the most exquisitely built architectural monuments in France.

Other than that, King Louis was quite an altruistic emperor by nature – be it in terms of sophistication, culture, elegance, grace or opulence. His refinement was such a marvel that its fame reached other parts of the world becoming an established wonder for other civilizations to be covetous about. He also played a great role in promoting the Catholic faith.

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