What Happened To Queen Guinevere In The Arthurian Legend?


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In most versions of the story, Arthur's wife Guinevere and his friend Lancelot were lovers. This went on for many years with or without the king's knowledge. It was forced into the open when one of Arthur's knights, Sir Meleagrance, kidnapped the queen, possibly with the intention of marrying her himself. Lancelot rescued her and spent the night with her. They were discovered by Sir Meleagrance, who publicly accused them of adultery. In the medieval manner, the "case" was decided by combat; Lancelot killed Meleagrance and Guinevere was declared innocent. However, the episode had stirred up other knights who were also suspicious of the couple. Later a group of them tried to catch the pair together; the ensuing fight eventually escalated into war, after which Lancelot was exiled. Even after Arthur was killed in a different war, they were not united but retired to separate religious houses, leading lives of prayer and penitence.

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