Why Did The Renaissance Begin In Italy?


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The Renaissance was sparked by the 700 year cultural and military occupation of the Moors (they were African men from North to West Africa) who had alliance to Arabs. This period was known as the "Medieval Period". Although Western European or American accounts greatly ignore this, the Moorish occupation affected all of Western Europe for many were kept illiterate under feudalism, but the Moors helped Europeans become literate in their OWN language. Moors introduced Europeans to a worlds that were beyond their reach before their occupation which gave birth to the Renaissance.  Don't take an anthropologist word for it, go and research this subject yourself.  Peace out! Libratiger.
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It is strongly believed by many scholars that the main reason was crusades, as it created trade routes between the east and the west. This period started after the fourth crusade. For verification and more information click here.
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If one could say that the Renaissance started in Italy, and I am not sure that has been established, It would probably be that Italy was the last stop on the European trail to the Crusades. Italy had a trade economy and shipping, so they got goods from the Mid East and further, through their numerous Seaports and trade Routes. It was indeed the Crusades and the Moorish influence on Europe that paved the way for the renaissance. Scientific discoveries and inventions brought from the literate Mid Eastern and Asian Cultures, were introduced to Western Civilization, and an era of Change and Growth ensued, fed by the enormous wealth stolen in the Holy Lands.
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Well for one I call it the dark ages, but you can call it anything you want to. I think some small part of why it started was that war. Also too many people just did not take care of the trash and did not clean up, there for mice and rats get in the trash and collect fleas and bugs and pass it along to humans, and there for we get bit and get sick. Then I can say that I think also it was just we did not have very good ways of getting rid of trash and wastes back then.
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It was a period of peace and prosperity. And people like the Medici family from Florance gathered the potential artisans and trained them in there schools. What gave art a big boost was when th pope commissioned artist and sculptures to do work at the vatican. Italians are credited  for45% of the worlds art. As to you question the answer is YES. Others can or will clam it as weil. To those that do I say where is the work? What artist is better then Leonarold De Vensahe , Michelanglo, or Reaphel and there were other great painters too.
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The medici family in Italy were into art and such and they had a lot of money and influence. I believe that started the renaissance.
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Because of the different trade routes it was the center of trade and it influenced many ideas and that it was a city of wealth. I have to do a report on this aha=)
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The renaissance started in italy . The medici was a very powerfull rich family but there is no proof that they started the renaissance . The renaissance was a time of dicovery and people started to question old believes .  Leonardo wrote what he believed in sketchbooks . He believed that the earth moved a round the sun . But he kept all his findings to himself as he could be severly punished for questioning the churches believes .

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