What Kind Of Inventions Took Place During The Renaissance In Italy?


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The renaissance period mainly brought about the tranformation in the human mind. It was a time when the people started to believe in the human mind. The man inventions during this period can be found in paintings, sculptures, novels, music and philosophies by great people that include micheal angelo, niccolo marchianvelli, leonardo da vincci and many others
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Many inventions were made such as the watch telescope wallpaper eyeglasses microscope gunpowder thermometer printing press and many more
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The Renaissance was the period of 'rebirth', and there were a lot of advancemens in the sciences as well as the arts. While this was the period that saw art flourish, science was not too far behind. There were a lot of inventions that were made during the period of the Renaissance.

One of the major inventions that made a monumental difference to the world of literature was the printing press. It was invented by Johann Gutenberg, a German, in 1436. There were many other significant inventions as well. For example, the portable clock. Till then, there were only the large clocks available. Besides clocks, two more very important though seemingly small product s that were invented during the Renaissance were the eye glass and the spectacles. Other than these, some of the other things that were invented during this period were gunpowder and artillery, the flush toilet, the microscope and the telescope, the submarine (the primitive version, actually), and the match.

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