What Are The Political Problems In Asia?


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Asia, like any other continent, has an array of political issues... however, it is difficult to talk in general terms as Asia is such a huge continent with so many different countries, each with their own government and unique set of political challenges.

China is ruled by the Communist Party of China (CPC). 

Communism in China, and indeed the rest of the world, has always been wrought with issues, particularly concerning Human Rights and political freedom of choice for it's citizens. 

Since the leading party was established, the style of governance has been authoritarian. The press is tightly regulated, with widespread suppression of freedom of speech.

North Korea has similar issues under the Communist dictatorship of Kim Jong-un, leader of the Workers' Party of Korea.

In the Middle East there  has been a civil war raging in Syria since 2011 between the government and belligerent forces. Violent conflicts are also an ongoing problem in both Iraq and Iran.

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