How Did Byzantium Come Into Existence? In What Ways Was It An Extension Of The Roman Empire? How Was It Not? What Influences Did It Have On The World? What Led To Its Decline?


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The term Byzantium was invented by historians in the XIXth century to distinguish it from the Western Roman Empire. The people proudly called themselves Romans. Byzantium's influence is mainly in Law - the Code of Justinian - Corpus Juris Civilis , created in the 6th century is still in place in some modern-day countries. They also invented most of the bank and financial operations that we see today. The money and gold stolen by the crusaders that captured Constantinople in 13th century inspired the economic boom in Western Europe which led to the discovery of America and worldwide trade.

There are so many books on this topic but in summary Romans were civilised and modern people that we still learn from today.

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Byzantium came into existence when they moved the capitol of rome there because charles the great (german leader) took over the capitol of rome. Influences it had were to make flam throwers (greek fire.) the turks took out Byzantium.

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