What Happens At The Opening Day In The House And The Senate?


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Well, you see... In the opening sessions of the house it goes a lot slower than during the opening sessions of the Senate. Unlike the house, the senate is a continuous body, meaning that it flows through. Only new members are sworn into the Senate. As for the house, everyone is sworn in and new committees are formed. The process is much more lengthy.
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All members who won election or re-election are sworn in with an oath of
office, 2/3 of the Senate did not face election, and are already sworn in. Newly
elected office holders are introduced, The Senate elects a Senate President pro
tempore, the House elects a speaker. House and Senate rules
as well as staffing  or electing,  clerks and other positions.

After all of the opening day procedures are complete, The Speaker and
Senate President, or President pro tempore, announce the 111th, (or what ever
new Congress is convened) is now in session. The House calls the Senate, the
Senate calls the House, both call the President and announce they are ready to
convene. Highlights of the coming sessions  agenda,  schedule, and business are
announced. Regular business then begins
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Opening Day in the House:
Every other January, the 435 men and women who have been elected to the house come together at the Capitol to begin a new term. At that point, they are in effect, just so many representatives-elect. The House technically doesnt have any sworn members, no rules and also no orginization until its opening-day ceremonies are held.The clerk of the House in the preceding term presides at the beginning of the first day's session. The clerk calls the chamber to order and checks the roll if representatives-elect. The speaker than takes the oath of office which is administered by the Dean of the House. Than the House elects its clerk, sergeant of arms,chief administrative officer, and chaplin. Than the House adopts the rules that will govern its proceedings through the terms. Finally members of the 19 permanent committees of the House are appointed by a floor vote.

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