The Tea Party freshman class that swept Republicans into control of the House has sponsored more than 400 pieces of legislation since January. Is that good or bad?


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I favour the Tea Party, so that's definitely a good thing.The TP Freshmen held enough votes and influence to force the the Debt Ceiling deal when all seemed lost.They might not have had many victories, but the Debt Ceiling was a big one for them.John Boehner basically had his feet to the fire because of them and that's a big sea change for the Tea Party in DC.These Freshmen are on the right track -  with bills chipping away at ObamaCare. Wall Street legislations, trimming back Fed-backed giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and transferring  money from foreign aid programs to domestic ones.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
The new debt ceiling did nothing but prolong the agony of the coming collapse before and after. Some (not most) Tea Party freshmen voted for this. This was mainly a Democrat must have.

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