The Tea Party is not part of the mostly corrupt, Moderate/Progressive, Republican Party. Isn't it curious as to why some people are assuming this?


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Look I want to know when we are going to have a beer party, all these tea parties are getting boring, what do you think :))
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People always assume the worse about things that they don't understand. Also people do not like change....oh yea though, they embraced Obama for HIS change.....he really said Chains and they just didn't hear that......but, they are feeling it Now.Aren't we all.?
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It's probably because the Tea Party is not a national political party as such.But rather a movement of grassroots conservative libertarianism and an example of "astroturfing".
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Sorry. Disagree with the astroturfing label. This is a true grassroots movement
Joseph Michael Wasik
There are some Republicans that are attempting to co-opt this movement, though. These are carefully scrutinized and rejected by each person. There are no leaders. It's true grassroots ruled by their own intellects and emotions

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