What Are The Names Of Our Senators?


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A senator is a member of the U.S congress. Since one president is incapable of meeting the demands and needs of each state individually, instead, every state is run by two senators who serve 6 year terms.

Below is a list of senators according to www.senate.gov

Alexander, Lamar

Ayotte, Kelly

Baldwin, Tammy

Barrasso, John

Begich, Mark

Bennet, Michael F

Blumenthal, Richard

Blunt, Roy

Booker, Cory A.

Boozman, John

Boxer, Barbara

Brown, Sherrod

Burr, Richard

Cantwell, Maria

Cardin, Benjamin L.

Carper, Thomas R.

Casey, Robert P., Jr.

Chambliss, Saxby

Coats, Daniel

Coburn, Tom

Cochran, Thad

Collins, Susan M.

Coons, Christopher A.

Corker, Bob

Cornyn, John

Crapo, Mike

Cruz, Ted

Donnelly, Joe

Durbin, Richard J.

Enzi, Michael B.

Feinstein, Dianne

Fischer, Deb

Flake, Jeff

Franken, Al

Gillibrand, Kirsten E

Graham, Lindsey

Grassley, Chuck

Hagan, Kay R.

Harkin, Tom

Hatch, Orrin G.

Heinrich, Martin

Heitkamp, Heidi

Heller, Dean

Hirono, Mazie K.

Hoeven, John

Inhofe, James M.

Isakson, Johnny

Johanns, Mike

Johnson, Ron

Johnson, Tim

Kaine, Tim

King, Angus S., Jr.

Kirk, Mark

Klobuchar, Amy

Landrieu, Mary L.

Leahy, Patrick J.

Lee, Mike

Levin, Carl

Manchin, Joe, III

Markey, Edward J.

McCain, John

McCaskill, Claire

McConnell, Mitch

Menendez, Robert

Merkley, Jeff

Mikulski, Barbara A.

Moran, Jerry

Murkowski, Lisa

Murphy, Christopher

Murray, Patty

Nelson, Bill

Paul, Rand

Portman, Rob

Pryor, Mark L.

Reed, Jack

Reid, Harry

Risch, James E.

Roberts, Pat

Rockefeller, John D.

Rubio, Marco

Sanders, Bernard

Schatz, Brian

Schumer, Charles E.

Scott, Tim

Sessions, Jeff

Shaheen, Jeanne

Shelby, Richard C.

Stabenow, Debbie

Tester, Jon

Thune, John

Toomey, Patrick J.

Udall, Mark

Udall, Tom

Vitter, David

Walsh, John E.

Warner, Mark R.

Warren, Elizabeth

Whitehouse, Sheldon

Wicker, Roger F.

Wyden, Ron

The scope of power of the Senate is far more than an ordinary politician, and they essentially act as 'mini presidents' for their respective states, still however, working under the U.S. President. They have the power to consent to treaties as well as making vast decisions based on federal concerns. 

There are generally 3 conditions for becoming a senator. These are:

  • You must be at least 30 years old or more,
  • Required to have been a U.S. resident for at least the past 9 years,
  • Must reside within the state you wish to represent.

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