What Were The Causes And Effect Of The Latin American Revolution?


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Some effects were the rise of cuadillos (military dictators), one crop economies( regional cash crops) and the loss of population due to destruction of farmland and war, which eventually hurt farming and mining.
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The main cause of Latin American revolution was the self-sufficiency of countries. At that time there was an emergence of the landlord class which also contributed in revolution. Another reason was the race relations between the nations. The uprising of British colonies in North America was stimulated by many taxes and Acts. This enraged colonists, and encouraged American Revolution. Moreover, the colonists in North America were enlightened and capable to start a government of their own. These causes along with many other causes resulted in revolution of Latin America. As a result of Latin American Revolutions, interest in Africa was increased. The tensions in Europe were also immensely increased. A huge growth of United States in political power resulted and the organization of American states took place.

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