Why Heritage Is Controversial And Debated?


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I don’t believe that merely discussing or talking about your heritage can be controversial. Sure, it can be debated because people may not agree or certain subjects, such as politics and the only way it can be controversial is to discuss things that now are seen as controversial i.e. Slavery or the holocaust. There are past events that are regarded as dark times in the history of mankind, but that doesn’t mean that people should be afraid of talking about them just because some people believe it could be controversial. It is the events themselves that are now seen as unacceptable.

If no one spoke of things that were seen as controversial, or if people didn’t debate, then hardly anyone would talk at all. Every single person has their own opinion and whilst some of them may be seen as wrong, everyone is entitled to those views. To take those views away from them would be taking away a person’s right to freedom of speech, which is a value that has been fought for over centuries.

If people didn’t do things that were controversial, then the human race would not have advanced at all. A Lot of people in the world are still rather close-minded but things would have been a lot worse. Gay people would still be hunted down and executed just for who they had feelings for. Women would still be treated like second class citizens and not even allowed to vote. Emmeline Pankhurst and the other suffragettes were extremely inspiring women who fought for women all over the world to get their voices heard and get the right to vote. If they hadn’t stood up for what they believed in and gone against the norm then the quality of women’s life today would still be very poor.

Although there are of course some controversial topics that make people awkward, they are part of our heritage and believe that they have to be discussed and debated.

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