What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cross Culture In The Workplace?


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The diversity at workplace is increasing very rapidly. In fact because of the boom of multinational companies and extension of businesses across the national boundaries, it has become a very common practice to see cross culture diversity at workplace. There are both the benefits and the demerits of cross culture at the workplace.

The benefits includes that it increases the interpersonal skills of the employees. As people belonging to various cultures work together therefore, they understand the views of different people. It increases the teamwork skills in the people. Employees belonging to various cultures also increase the skills available to the company. People can better interact with each other and they develop the patience and competencies to compete with each other.

On the other hand the demerits of cross cultures in work place increases the conflict of interest. It can create biased and favoritism in the office environment because may be minority feel suppressed by the majority of the people. Moreover, cultural conflicts can also arise like language problems, dress code etc. But still I think cross cultural diversity at work place is really encouraging for the employees.

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I think it is good to have attitude than you can get more advantage but if you don't have not attitude you will get allot disadvantages so it is good to have attitude also if you are good cummunication of you customer it will be better becouse you will get allot of advantages
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Impact of culture

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