What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cultural change?


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Culture does not really change it evolves in terms of the gadgets that people have at their disposal but despite tourism, migration and technology the basic hold and structures of any one country does not change.  Those that seek to tear at the foundation of any society will eventually be expunged.  History has taught us that.."You cannot hold new wine in old barrels" that is how God made it so that he can enjoy the benfits of diversity. That is why we see the struggle to reverse tendencies which try to make people the same.  That is why there are movement breaking out all over the world for "the good old day"...nature not concrete jungle, alternate medicine etc.

The code for out culture is written in the trees, the palm of our hands, the "energy DNA" which runs between us and the environment..the us being our spirit self" that exists in all thing and is transmitted in our dialects' the food we consume in our Nationa IDs, the way we carry and feed our children, our Scientific achievements in the arts; our accents; our gait, our root reiligions etc.  It is the Spirit that determines the ID andGod has that as to enable his enjoyment of diversity...numbers..."even the hair on your head is numbered"

Despite the fact that technology makes the sameness of culture SEEM emminent it cannot happen eg. International musicians will say that if you want to make god reggae you have to come to a studio in Jamaica Reggae Land" to get it right yet it will never sound truly Jamaican, yet a Jamaican who has lived off the island for a greater part of his/her life can get it right, if they have the talent to sing and or play.

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