What Disadvantages Of Modern Lifestyles?


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The disadvantages of modern life are: 1. As the psychological and emotional
excitement, increased nutrition irrational structure, environmental pollution,
smoking, drinking, and many more people are factors that lead to cardiovascular
disease, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, malignant diseases, such as
increased incidence of causality, a premature death, disability reason. 2. As
the accelerating pace of modern life, time and space concept, the concept of
increased competition, increased child and retired workers, exciting life,
increased psychological and emotional response has become an important risk
factor, causing a number of psychological and emotional reactivity diseases,
such as Lin Kao tension syndrome, retired life suited, emotional diarrhea. 3.
Due to lack of beauty make-up of health knowledge, contact dermatitis, allergic
dermatitis, hair dye, earrings incidence of infection caused by the significant
increase in young women. 4. Modern wearing high heels caused by disease, contact
lens keratitis, sunglasses and other diseases more common in young men and
women. 5. Raising birds, cats, dogs and other pets, animal-borne diseases cause
an increase, especially rabies in many parts of the sporadic epidemic. 6.
Substantial increase in the number of smokers has become a cancer, an important
factor in cardiovascular disease; alcoholism frequently. 7. In the middle of
mental, as sedentary, with the eyes, with brain and so on, write more, resulting
in mental fatigue, visual fatigue are more common.

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