What Are The Disadvantages Of Modernization?


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Modernization may make our lives easier and more convenient, but this comes at a cost.

Loss of Tradition
Globalization is responsible for the merging and metaphorical squashing of cultures and traditions; with younger generations wanting to do things the modern way – because it’s quicker and more efficient – ancient traditions and cultures are being lost, and everything is becoming Americanized.

Pollution and Damage to the Environment
We’re damaging the ozone layer, using up fossil fuels, and hacking our way through the rainforests – all in the name of cheeseburgers and bad television!

Shifting Values
Due to commercialization, we now live in a world driven by money. Wealth and material possessions are more important to us than ever - and with parents working late and children glued to game consoles, it seems we’re forgetting the importance of quality family time.

Decline In Health
The modern lifestyle is responsible for a rise in obesity, stress, and generally poor health. From high-pressure professional environments to microwavable ready-meals, modernization hasn’t done much for our well-being.

Obviously, there are many benefits to modernization as well – it’s saved us time, made communication much easier, given us access to a wealth of information, and made our lives more comfortable in plenty of ways. It’s not all bad!

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