What Was The Stuart Dynasty?


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The Stuart dynasty was a Scottish dynasty which provided seven monarchs of England in the years 1603-1714. However, they had ruled in Scotland since 1371 when David II took the throne. In 1603, King James 1st of England came to power, but he was already a King in Scotland (James Vl).
The Stuarts were never a very successful dynasty and seemed to whip up assassination plots, battle failures and rebellions by their very nature.
King James lst was succeeded by his son, Charles lst, but the English Civil war ended his reign, with him being killed. His son, Charles ll was restored to the throne in 1660.
Various Kings came to the throne and various oustings, exiles and general depositions followed, until Queen Anne, the last of the Stuart monarchs, died in 1714.
Despite their lack of political success, the Stuarts are still fondly remembered within Scottish history even today.

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