What Are The Characteristics Of Underdeveloped Countries? I Need The Answer In Detail!


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Underdeveloped countries are defined as nations which, comparative to others, lacks industrialization, infrastructure, developed agriculture & natural resources, and suffers from a low per capita income as a result.  The question of the wealth of nations has been at the center of economics for over two centuries and there is now increasing focus, both in academic and policy realms to improve the conditions from all angles. 

Without Industrialization, there are few jobs or exportable goods without farming or mining.  Infrastructure plays a huge role in the global markets and is necessary to fully develop, much less compete in the global financial games.  Developing agriculture and natural resources is a large stepping stone in the journey of national growth.  Per capita income increases with additions of exportable goods, be they physical or technological.  Consider for a moment, India’s per capita income jump when the larger companies started pouring their dollars into ‘cheaper’ labor forces.  This is one way that the private sectors can assist impoverished or underdeveloped countries to grow. 

There are nearly 200 underdeveloped countries in our world today.  The list of those that fall into the classification of being underdeveloped is not an indicator of how far they have to go before being reclassified as a developed country.  A good number on the list of underdeveloped countries are countries that are developing but have not yet caught up to the ‘big’ players on the field, while others are underdeveloped with no signs of them improving their conditions. 

Developing countries are those still listed as underdeveloped countries that are steadily improving their conditions and are building their niches in the world market.  As the world changes, it takes some longer to get acquainted with the changes so, they will all either catch up, or be the ones laughing at us when technologies start to fail.  Governments and peoples that recognize the needs of their country and work to meet them are the ones most likely to succeed in their efforts to fully develop their countries to their potential.
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An underdeveloped country has one or some of the following characteristic in common:

1. These countries has low reservoir of natural resources.

2. The economy is backward, often aggregation economy, which many a times suffers unpredictable natural climatic condition.

3. Low level of industrialization.

4. Low level of employment.

5. Plagued by un-employment, under-employment, disguised unemployment.

6. Low Forex Reserve

7. Adverse Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment situation

8. Heavy borrowing from other countries. Heavy outgoing towards debt-service.

9. Dependency of Foreign Aids.

10. Interference from other countries, World Bank, IMF.

11. Existence of vicious circle of poverty.

12. Socio-economical inequality.

13. Inflation

14. Budgetary Deficit, Deficit Financing

15. Unplanned economy

A systematic approach has to be undertaken to move ahead on path of development depending upon root cause of underdevelopment. The approach can be a communist approach or capitalist approach. The approach should be such that its benefits can be made available to larger section of people. In process care has to be taken it should not harm weaker section of society.
The main features of underdeveloped countries are:(1) Very low income,(2) Meagre use of natural resources,(3) Lack of capital,(4) Predominance of agriculture,(5) Colonial type of international trade,(6) High population pressure,(7) Underdeveloped money market,(8) Immobility of factors,(9) Weak human factor,(10) Dual economy.
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An underdeveloped economy is an economy characterised by
• Low GDP per capita. Perhaps less than $2,000 a year
• Low levels of infrastructure – education, transport and health care.
• Low levels of human development. E.g. Low levels of Literacy, low life expectancy e.t.c
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1 High rate of unemployment
2 political instability
3 lack of good road network
4 lack of health facilities
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common traits; distorted and highly dependent economies devoted to producing primary products for the developed world and to provide markets for their finished goods; traditional, rural social structures; high population growth; and widespread poverty.


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High population
lack of advance technology
lack of good education
high level of poverty

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