What Gun Is Called A "Street Sweeper"?


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The Armsel Striker (also known as Sentinel Arms Co Striker-12, Protecta, Protecta Bulldog, and Cobray/SWD Street Sweeper).
This is a revolver type shotgun that has been classified as a destructive device in the United States.
Also a rifle with a smooth bore is not a rifle.
An Uzi is a sub machinegun.
The "Street Sweeper" holds 12 rounds in a fixed magazine it is hard to reload. Many tube fed "Combat Shotguns" are more practical. This is why you do not see the "Street Sweeper" in law enforcement and military applications.
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An automatic rifle similar to the ak-47 but it has an un-rifled barrel so there is less accuracy upon firing which leads to bullets everywhere hitting everything thus cleaning the street. Yet upon googling there is an actual " street sweeper " which is a gatling type shotgun,but when most people say street sweeper there speaking of the rifle.....ghetto terminology
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The street sweeper is a gattling gun but they call it the street sweeper because it can spray a large amount of bullets at a time.

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