How To Make Gun Cotton?


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Very carefully my friend and also make sure you're not smoking while you do it because you'll go up with a big bang and a whole lot of noise,smoke,bits and pieces flying everywhere :) Do you get the message.
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To make gun cotton is a thirteen stage procedure. The very first stage is where the cotton is spun into loose threads. The next step is to put the cotton into a boiling solution of potash or soda and then kept in the sun to dry and next kept at a room temperature of 100 FAHRANIET to completely dry. The next stage is to prepare a mixture that consist of 1 part weight of nitric acid of 1.48 to 1.50 specific gravity, and 3 parts weight of common sulphuric acid. This mixture is kept together for days so that it is mixed well together.

The fifth stage is to where the mixture of acids is put into an apparatus that contain three compartments basically one for the main mass of the acids, one for the captivation of the cotton, and one for receiving the cotton after being absorbed. This equipment may be made of cast-iron. Next the cotton is removed from the acids and pressed and then placed into a centrifugal engine to remove all surplus acids. Then it is passed through a stream of fresh water. The final step is to boil it in a solution of common soap and again put it to dry. This procedure is done in order to restore the cotton to its unique softness and appearance.

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