What Is The Parliament Form Of Government? Write Its Merits And Demerits In Detail.And Write Especially About Pakistan's Parliament Form Of Government.


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The Parliamentary form of government is characterized by ambiguous separation of power between executive and legislative branch. It clearly differentiated between head of government and head of state. Head of government is the Prime minister and head of state is the President.

Following are the merits of this system:
- It is easier to pass any legislation within this system.
- It is best for nations that are ethically, racially or ideologically divided.
- Power is more divided.
- They have lower corruption.

Following are the demerits of this system:
- The head of government is not directly elected.
- There is no check on the legislative power of the parliament.
- people with popular community support can be prevented from becoming prime minister if they can not get elected to the parliament.
- Prime ministers can lose their positions if they lose their seats in parliament.

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