What Is The Definition Of Parliament?


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Parliament is the UK's legislative authority. It has three elements - the monarchy, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. All of these elements must be in agreement before a proposal can become law. The Parliamentary Government sets the legislative agenda. It is formed by the majority party or a coalition of parties. The Government is therefore able to gather a majority in favour of its proposed laws, regardless of the strength of feeling among opposition MPs. Legislation can also be proposed, drafted and introduced by individual MPs through a private members bill. However, these are rarely successful in ending up as law.

Each bill must go through a series of debates called "readings" by both houses. It must also come under the scrutiny of committees in both houses. A bill can only become law when it is give Royal assent, that is, the signature of approval from the monarch. It is convention for the monarch to approve legislation, whether he or she agrees with it or not.
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1.A national representative body having supreme legislative powers within the state.
2.Parliament The national legislature of various countries, especially that of the United Kingdom, made up of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
3. Pronounced Parla-mant You can watch videos based on your local community and debates at youtube.
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By definition, a parliament is a national representative body which has supreme legislative powers within the country.

It is a legislature whose system og governance is based on Westminster system of United Kingdom.

The name is derived from French 'parlement' which means a meeting at which discussion took place.

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A weirdo
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Law making assembly of a country.    Having a parley!
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Parliament (in the UK) is, amongst other things, the branch of government that debates a bill (proposed law) and votes either to send it for Royal Assent (to make it law) or to throw it out.
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A place where elected representative fight with each other rather than discuss the problems loll.
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Parliament means government for example the british parliament made a law about the stamp act.

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