What Is The Comparison And Contrast Between Parliamentary And Presidential Government?


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Parliamentary government is the one which is headed by the Prime Minister & he is constitutionally answerable to the parliament. Parliament may consists of 2 houses; Lower House(parliament) & Upper House(senate).
The Lower House is almost always the originator of legislation & the Upper House is to give a second look & the decision whether to approve or disapprove the bill presented in the parliament.
The number of seats is 200 in the Lower House in countries having population of more than 3 million. While the Upper House has normally got a custom number of seats of either 20, 50 or 100 members.The parliamentary system of government is being used in England, France, Scotland, Poland, Pakistan, India & many more.
On the other hand Presidential system of government is headed by the President & he has got the power to veto then acts of legislature. The president has got the fixed term of office & elections are always held on schedule & cannot be held or delayed by the vote of confidence or other acts like in parliamentary system. The best example of presidential system of government is USA.

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